City Shoe & Boot Repair also provides specialty services, orthopedic lifts and custom boot tailoring.


Orthopedic Lifts: 

The average shoe lift size we modify is approximately 5/8" which only adds a couple ounces of weight to the shoe. However, often we have to modify shoes 2 to 4 inches.  If larger elevations are required, it is important to select lighter weight more flexible type of shoe, as the additional sole makes the shoe weigh a little more and it loses some flexibility.

Boot Tailoring:

Our Craftsmen can make adjustments to most boots and shoes.  

  • Custom Boot Repair

  • Zipper Replacement

  • Heel Height 

  • Calf Adjustment

Fashion Boot Alteration
Orthopedic Lifts
  • We use (3) precise measurements

    • At the back of the heel right down the middle

    • At the side of the sole where the laces would start

    • At the front of the toe right down the middle.

  • The goal is to do this work precisely so the lift exactly matches the measurements